Welcome! I recently completed my PhD in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh, as an SSHRC Doctoral Fellow and Principal’s Career Development Scholar. My research focuses on the history and philosophy of emotion, and I write, speak, and teach on the the role of emotions in politics and education. I also have longstanding interests in Classical Greek and Hindu philosophy.

Media Clips

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Publications and Works-in-Progress

  • “What Good is Love?”, Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis, Vol. 35, Issue 1, forthcoming Spring 2014.
  • Aesthetic Value in Classical Antiquity, eds. I. Sluiter and R. Rosen”, invited for The Classical Review, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming.
  • “The role of creation and the love of the beautiful in Plato’s Symposium”, Proceedings of the 21st International Symposium of Philosophy, Athens: Olympic Centre for Philosophy and Culture, 2011.
  • “Metaphysics of love in Plato’s Symposium”, under review.
  • “Political Emotions”, in preparation.
  • “Emotive reasoning in education”, in preparation.
  • “Empedocles and Plato: A ‘δίπλ’ ἐρέω”, in preparation.
  • “Extended morality: the ethics of moral enhancement”, in preparation.